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Economic participation plan infographic

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services engaged me to prepare a suite of infographics for inclusion in the Victorian economic participation plan for people with a disability 2018–2020. In addition to a set of summary statistics on economic participation, they required a visual representation of the policy, and an infographic highlighting the benefits of employing people with a disability. Together, the infographics show the challenges of economic participation, how the plan aims to tackle them, and the economic value to be gained.

economic participation plan open document economic participation plan open document comparative infographic about economic participation by people with disability economic participation plan strategy infographic

ICE action plan infographic

People in client-facing roles need information and training on how to respond to someone who is affected by ice. The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services engaged me to design an infographic and accompanying postcard to provide information about the training available to frontline workers. A key requirement was to communicate clearly and simply the range of people for whom the training was intended. I developed a bespoke icon set to visually place this information front and centre.

Image of factsheet and postcard Collection of icons used in the infographic

Service system infographic

For its twenty year plan for the Victorian healthcare system, the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services needed an infographic that showed how the future service system will work. The infographic needed to emphasise how the new concept of Health and Wellbeing Hubs linked with existing parts of the service system to provide Victorian families with ready access to a variety of integrated services. The infographic also needed to show how the future healthcare system sat within a broader vision for the community.

Future service system infographic

Icon set

Icon set for future service system infographic

VAHI reporting process infographic

I was engaged by the Victorian Agency for Health Information (VAHI) to create a guide that informs stakeholders about the processes used to develop reports about the Victorian health system. It was important for the guide to be clear, visually engaging, and simple to understand, while also conveying the complexity of the report development process. As well as providing information about each step in the process, the guide had to indicate the time involved. The garden path layout tells this visual story, with distances roughly corresponding to the time taken for each step.

Infographic on table Set of icons used for infographic Close-up view of infographic

NWMPHN health needs data guides

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network faced a dilemma. They had developed a report to support the planning of local health services – but it was a weighty document that had been prepared to meet government requirements. They needed a way to communicate the key messages to busy clinicians and other stakeholders, providing insight into particular areas of focus. I worked closely with the Network to devise the most effective approach and to visualise the data in beautiful and accessible layouts.

Data guides scattered on desk All the guides lined up together A close-up of a page with graphs

Perinatal data visualisations

Safer Care Victoria (SCV) required a variety of complex data visualisations to communicate information about the performance of Victorian maternity services. I worked closely with SCV to prepare customised visualisations that were designed to convey key messages from particular performance indicators. The visualisations had to be informative and easy to interpret, while maintaining statistical validity.

Image of graph Open report with graphs Image of graph

Generations of Australian women visualisation

This visualisation places the last four generations in Australia in the context of some significant events, literary publications and technological developments. It shows the changes in the age at which women choose to give birth and the increasing life expectancy of Australian women, against the backdrop of a shifting world.

Visualisation of current and previous generations of Australian women Close-up of part of the generations visualisation Close-up of part of the generations visualisation

Service planning data visualisations

To look ahead and plan for the next twenty years of evolution in the Victorian healthcare system, the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human services drew of a wide range of health, social and demographic data. As part of the development of the plan, I worked with the department to visualise data that would help tell the story of the changes, pressures and challenges that the healthcare system faced now and would face in the future.

Image of map Image of graph Image of graph

Yooralla Strategic Plan

Yooralla, one of Victoria's largest disability service providers, put an enormous amount of work into the development of their new strategic plan. Now they needed someone to help them tell the story. As well as drafting the overall narrative, I designed a layout for the document that emphasised the connections between the plan's elements, visually conveying the compelling story underpinning the strategy.

In addition to the plan itself, I designed a variety of collateral to support the communication of the strategy, including posters and presentations.

Image of documents in a stack Image of sample pages from document Image of a poster leaning against a wall Image of the document cover

CCOPMM report

The Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity produces the annual Mothers, babies and children report. The report presents and analyses a wide range of data on maternal, neonatal and paediatric mortality and morbidity. I was engaged to develop the document design and to prepare the publication layout for the latest report, building on my work on previous years' reports. This also involved designing a set of infographics to highlight important outcomes and the development of a large number of data visualisations to highlight specific results and findings.

Image of report cover and inside spread Image of inside spread Image of inside spread Image of inside spread Image of report cover

BCH Quality report

Bass Coast Health engaged me to compile, edit, design, and prepare a publication layout of their 2018–19 Quality Account. Health service quality performance reports must follow strict guidelines about the content to be included. Within these limitations, I sought to provide a crisp, clean and eye-catching design, resonant of the coastal area where Bass Coast Health is situated.

Image of report cover and internal spread Image of internal spread Image of internal spread Image of report cover

Statewide design, service and infrastructure plan

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services engaged me to work with them on delivering their 20-year plan for the Victorian health system. I was involved in all aspects of the plan’s development, including: content creation; editing; design of maps, data visualisations and infographics; image selection and editing; and document design and layout. Accompanying the main document was a companion summary report.

Image of multiple open copies of plan Image plan and summary booklet side-by-side Image open booklet Image of report cover